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Hire a Female Magicain For Your Event

Welcome to Magical Memories, where enchantment and elegance are not just elements of an event but the heart of what we do.

Our female magicians are masters of their craft, ready to bring a unique level of sophistication and charm to every occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate gala, a private party, or any special event, our magicians are poised to transform it into an unforgettable magical experience.

Why Hire a Female Magician?

The Distinct Charm of Female Magicians

Female magicians, with their unique blend of finesse and flair, offer a refreshing take on traditional magic. At Magical Memories, our magicians combine traditional illusions with modern magic making, creating performances that captivate and charm audiences of all ages.

They stand out by breaking the conventions of a mostly male institution and bring a novel perspective to the magic scene.

The Magic Circle and Beyond: Our Magicians’ Prestige

Our team includes members of the Magic Circle, some even reaching the esteemed Inner Magic Circle level. This signifies not just their expertise in magic but also their recognition among the elite in the magic community globally.

These accolades highlight them as some of the best female magicians, known for their rigorous standards and innovative performances.

Membership in The Magic Circle is a strong indicator of a female magician’s skill and professionalism. However, it’s important to note that while this prestigious affiliation often correlates with high-quality entertainment, it is not the sole measure of a magician’s abilities. Exceptional talent can also be found outside The Magic Circle, as not all brilliant entertainers are members.

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Types of Magical Performances

Close-Up Magic

Engage your guests with the subtle art of close-up magic. Our close-up magician experts excel in this intimate format, performing sleight-of-hand miracles mere inches from the audience. This contemporary magic style is perfect for mix and mingle gatherings where personal interaction and direct impact are desired, allowing each guest a front-row seat to the wonder.

Table Magic

Table magic is ideal for dinner events and banquets where you wish to add a layer of entertainment between courses without disrupting the meal. Our female table magicians perform these discreet yet engaging routines, creating an atmosphere of wonder and conversation around each table.

Parlour Magic

For those looking for a more interactive yet intimate experience, our parlour magic shows are perfect. Suited for small to medium-sized audiences, this style combines storytelling with classic and contemporary illusions, engaging guests in a narrative that unfolds with each trick.

Stand-Up Magic

When entertaining a larger audience, stand-up magic is the way to go. Our female magicians blend magic, comedy, and audience interaction to captivate large groups. This dynamic format is suited for events where you want to make a significant impact with humour and grand illusions.

Cabaret Shows

Our cabaret shows offer a lavish blend of magic, music, and drama, ideal for larger venues and audiences seeking a theatrical experience. These performances feature a mix of larger-than-life illusions and musical interludes, providing a full-scale production that entertains and amazes.

The Perfect Fit for Any Event

Our female magicians are versatile performers who adapt their magical prowess to a variety of settings:

♣ Corporate Events:

Enhance your galas, award nights, or christmas parties with magic that impresses stakeholders and celebrates achievements.

♥ Weddings and Private Parties:

Add a personal touch with enchanting performances that make every moment even more special.

♦ Public Shows and Festivals:

Draw crowds and captivate audiences with dynamic magic that’s perfect for people of all ages.

♠ Charity Events and Fundraisers:

Engage attendees and encourage generous donations with compelling magic that highlights the cause.


Celebrating Our Stars: Famous Female Magicians

Magical Memories is proud to showcase magicians who have achieved fame not only on national stages but on hit magic shows internationally. From British magician appearances on Britain’s Got Talent to headlining acts in Las Vegas and London’s West End, our magicians have captivated millions with their skill and presence.

From TV Screens to Global Tours

Their participation in high-profile competitions and performances, including special shows for the royal family and collaborations with celebrities like Simon Cowell and Elton John, underscores their versatility and wide appeal. These experiences enrich their performances, allowing them to bring a taste of world tour magic to your event.

Hire A Professional Magician

Ready to add a touch of magic to your next event? Visit us at Magical Memories to book one of our exceptional, glamorous female magicians.

Let us help you make your event not just successful but magical, memorable, and truly spectacular!


FAQs: Your Questions Answered

What is a female magician called? A female magician is often simply called a magician. However, terms like magicienne and woman magician are also used, especially when highlighting their unique role in the magic community.

Who are some of the world’s most famous female magicians? Magicians such as Fay Presto, Katherine Mills, and others have become household names, known for their groundbreaking performances and roles in making female magicians a celebrated part of modern magic. The first woman magician president of the Magic Circle was Megan Swann (Megan Knowles-Bacon).

Can a magician be a woman? Certainly! Today, many women are celebrated members of the Magic Circle and have been recognized as some of the most famous female magicians, performing across the globe and changing the face of magic.

Just as Harry Houdini captivated audiences with his masterful escape acts, our female magicians bring their own brand of enchantment and flair, thrilling spectators with performances that challenge the boundaries of traditional magic.

Who is the famous female magician in Las Vegas? Katherine Mills (mind games) is one of the magicians who has dazzled Las Vegas audiences, known for her unique blend of mentalism and classic magic.