Sleight of hand magician

Sleight Of Hand Magician

Expert Close Up Magic For Your Event

A Sleight of hand magician is not something you see every day. It takes years of practice and dedication to perfect the craft, and a great magician will have an audience in awe with their seemingly impossible tricks. If you’re looking for an incredible experience that will keep people talking about your event for years to come, then look no further than a professional sleight of hand magician.

More Than Magic Tricks

A professional Sleight of hand magician suspends belief, wows audiences and creates an unforgettable experience. Their skill and finesse are evident in every move, as they perform complex magic with consummate ease. They bring more than magic tricks to the table – their engaging personalities and charm add a unique touch of class to any event.

Close Up Magic – The Perfect Entertainment Choice

If you’re looking for something different that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, then hiring a Sleight of hand magician is the right choice. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a large corporate event, their unique style and flair will make sure everyone has a magical time! So if you want to wow your audience with something truly special – hire a sleight of hand magician today – Contact Us

 Types Of Events Perfect For A Sleight Of Hand Magician / Close Up Magician

– Corporate Events

– Private Parties

– Weddings

– Bar/bat Mitzvahs

– Charity Events

– Trade Shows and Conventions

– University, College and High School Functions

– Anniversaries and Celebrations

– Grand Openings and Product Launches

And more!


No matter the occasion, a sleight of hand magician will make sure it’s one to remember. With their captivating tricks and charming presence, they can create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

>> So if you want to add some magic to your event – book a Magical Memories sleight of hand magician today! <<

Card magic / card tricks

Card magic is a classic with sleight-of-hand magicians. With imperceptible movements and manual dexterity, a skilled magician can make playing cards appear, disappear and change in the blink of an eye. Creating unbelievable illusions that look like camera tricks – they will leave your guests asking ‘how did they do it?’ Guests will often sign cards, making the card tricks even more impossible!

Coin tricks – sly physical manipulation

As with card tricks, in the hands of a sleight of hand magician, coins can take on a life of their own. Coins can fly through the air, vanish into thin air and reappear somewhere else, seemingly defying the laws of physics altogether. An empty hand can even pluck a coin from thin air. As coins are used in everyday life, the magic performed with them makes it seem even more impossible.

Rope tricks & sleight of hand magic

Typically associated with more traditional rather than contemporary magicians, rope tricks are a classic staple of close-up magic. With a simple length of rope, the magician can instantly create illusions that will leave your guests speechless. Usually combined with comedy and audience participation, rope magic bring an enjoyable and interactive experience to any event

Stage magic

Stage magic is a great way to amaze a larger audience, with grand illusions and mysteries that no-one can figure out. A stage magician presents to everyone at once, rather than in small groups, as with close up magic. Routines include levitating objects and making things float in the air, sawing alady in half, amongst other exciting feats. When it comes to big tricks on the big stage, you can be sure to delight in wonder when you hire a sleight of hand magician.

Street Magicians

David Blaine and Dynamo have made street magic popular in recent times, but it is an art form that has existed since the eighteenth century. Street magicians can be seen performing their sleight of hand magic on busy city streets, such as the world-famous Covent Garden area of London. Gathering a large crowd and performing for tips, they are always worth a watch when visiting London.

Table Magic

Performed at a card table for guests to visit or directly at each guest’s table during a meal, table magic is a popular form of sleight of hand magic. Utilising items such as coins, cards and string, the magician can give an intimate performance to each individual in attendance.

Make Magical Memories your go-to for the most mesmerizing sleight of hand magicians. Our experienced and talented performers are sure to amaze you with their impossible illusions, card tricks, sleight of hand tricks, coin manipulations, rope magic, stage magic and more! From corporate events to private parties and anniversaries – our magicians are guaranteed to make any event a success. Book now and experience the magic!

Areas Covered By Magical Memories Magicians

Magical Memories magicians are available all throughout the United Kingdom. Our skilled and experienced performers can create an unforgettable experience for people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have talented magicians based in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast – ready to bring their tricks and illusions to your event.